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New Construction leads the Real Estate Market in Lexington.

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Selling a tear down property?  We are happy to let you know if that is the best option for you.  And we know who is looking for land at any given point and what they would pay you. Looking to build from the ground up?  We can arrange that as well (okay… that is going to take a bit of time)


After choosing your plot, the next step is to choose the blue prints of your new home. Often times builders have a set number of styles to choose from depending on what exactly your looking for. We can easily recommend a variety of architects that best suite your needs, be it a Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary or  Traditional Colonial.

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Contact Us To Get New Construction Ideas

The most exciting and stressful part of the New Construction process. This can be fun or it can be overwhelming. This is a great time to have a helping hand with the process. We are happy to offer design services to those looking for a little adult supervision…. Choosing items in a showroom or online can be scary. You want to know that the finished product is going to flow well when they are all put together .And years of doing this has given us a long list of trusted vendors, craftsman & talent to work with.


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